why you should improve it on your site 2020 Guide -

The loading speed of a web page is an essential factor in terms of positioning, especially on Google’s mobile index, as well as the experience of the user who comes to your site. In fact, Google takes this into account when deciding which of all websites dealing with a topic should come first. If you still have doubts about this, here are some reasons why you should improve the loading speed of any project you have online…


Mobile navigation becomes the norm

This is certainly the most powerful reason for having the best possible loading speed. The number of users who browse mobile devices is increasing. Mobile usage has exceeded Desktop (PC) usage.

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Faced with this observation, it is essential that the pages work as well as possible. Experience has shown that on average, when a page takes more than 3 seconds to load, the chances / risks that the user will leave the page are very high. This directly affects conversions, as well as the way robots look at the site. Just take a look at the Google Search Console to see that loading speed is taken very seriously in analytics.

Good experience is linked to loading speed

The user appreciates very much that a site does not waste his time. This is why the user experience has a lot to do with the time it takes to load the page they are entering. If the design of the site is powerful but it fails on this point, the bounce rate increases and considerably affects positioning (Google referencing).

On the other hand, if a site does not have a wonderful design, but its loading speed is optimal, it is much more likely that you will like it very positively.

Conversions are affected

Refer to real life. This is important, especially if you have an online store. The slower the page loads, the less likely it is that a potential customer will end up buying your products. This is the closest thing to queuing at a physical store. With a few exceptions, the user will leave everything they have and go to another store where it will be served more quickly.

If you want good conversions, make sure everything is accessible. And have the page get the customer to the act of selling in seconds.

Your loading speed influences the way a search engine indexes you, especially on mobile.

As we mentioned, search engines take into account the page load time. This is normal on the one hand, because robots have limited resources to analyze a site. And they can’t spend as much time on your page as you want until you visit it.

If it is slow, your page will take longer to be indexed than the other pages of the contest, especially if you update it frequently. Even if you think your site is small, this factor affects you a lot.

Be sure to analyze the behavior of your project in terms of loading speed. I offer you an audit tool including an analysis via Google PageSpeed ​​Insights.

And if you find that it is not as fast as it should be, make the necessary adjustments. Your SEO and conversions will notice.