Why you should not ignore Social Ads 2020 -

Do you think you can do without paid advertising on social networks? You want to be on top of your reach without spending a dime? Find out why it’s possible, but not recommended.

Social Ads as a targeting tool

Your reach organic is bad, your publications are not regular enough, not engaging enough or of poor quality. We can only advise you to update your strategy, and start to establish a publication calendar. To improve your performance, Social Ads can be a major asset in your tactics. Using targeting on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, test across different audiences. Promotions on social networks will allow you to better understand the people attracted by your content, and to adapt your action plan.

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Increase your visibility and take it to the next level

After hard work, you managed to get your reach organic. Well done ! Your subscribers are interested, active, and your community is starting to grow. The problem ? Your counter followers is looking good, and you want more. You have reached the limits of what you can do in terms of natural traffic on your social networks. Take it to the next level by implementing a Social Ads strategy! Your excellent publications now need to be disseminated on a wider scale, to increase the success of your page and reach the heights. By having a solid foundation of reach organic, you ensure the success of your promotional campaigns.

Facebook Ads, Twitter Advertisements… assets against competition

On the search engines as on social networks, the competition is fierce. With a huge number of potential customers, the battle is raging over who will be most visible. Skipping ads is leaving the field open to other players in your sector. A complete strategy is always more effective!

Since the beginning of 2018, Facebook (which should be followed in the future by its colleagues) has been evolving towards a new mode of operation. Penalizing for brands and companies, focused on user interest, it tends to minimize the organic reach of your publications. You understood, the natural reach is no longer enough to increase your performance. And the more competitors you have, the more your audience will be divided. Restore balance by promoting engaging publications that will increase your conversions!