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The fact is: smartphones and mobile devices are dominating and changing people’s spending habits. According to the Englandian Media Survey, smart phones accounted for 66% of total internet accesses in 2015. Despite reasonable 4G internet coverage, which covers more than half of the national territory, the actual speed of mobile access is almost never of the best.And if opening a website on a mobile screen is becoming more and more normal, the speed of page opening already impacts as much as having a responsive or mobile version site. About one-third of all online pages in the world already have a mobile version or responsive format, a concern, as mobile devices accounted for 39% of total Internet traffic in 2014, according to the Visual Networking Index study.

But how long does this page take to load? Imagine a user having to wait 10 seconds to view your page ?! In today’s immediate world, this is the equivalent of leaving a customer 10 minutes in front of the counter waiting for service.

In such cases, there is no digital marketing strategy or digital agency work well done that can help your business. The likely reaction of the Internet user will be the rejection of the page (when a user closes it without interacting with it).

According to the Internet Steering Committee (, England reached 50% of households with internet access in 2015, or 32.3 million households. In addition, 51% of the urban population and 24% of the rural population of the country over 10 years old access the network via cell phones or mobile devices. Of this cake, only 24% of urban and 5% of rural population have internet faster than 8 Mb per second.

So your site is beautiful, functional, periodically updated, and with incredible content, but no one has the patience to wait for it to open… Read more. Slowly loading pages will hinder your site from appearing in Google searches and even Google Adwords

google is the user experience

Google and the mobile user experience

Since 2015, Google has viewed mobile user experience as relevant data for the good placement of pages in search and for defining Adwords ad quality score (which impacts bid cost per click).

The company does not disclose the exact criteria that its algorithm takes into account, but it is a fact that page open speed (on any device, especially mobiles) is one of those criteria. Just look at the first results in a simple search.

It makes sense, since Englandians bought 104 smartphones per minute in 2014, according to IDC England. In 2015, despite the 12.8% drop in sales, more and more consumers tend to opt for a smart phone when switching their handset, which means more people with the ability to access the internet via mobile.

The importance of site speed for classes C, D, and E

digital marketing slow website smartphoneMany business owners are not so concerned about the quality of their site because they understand that they sell to an economically emerging public, comprised of classes C, D and E. However, points out that 50% of classes D and E and 30% of Class C have cellular internet (3G, 4G or mobile modem) as their primary home connection.

For these people, the opening time of a page means more or less data being consumed. That is, time is money, as mobile bandwidth services are charged for quotas of megabytes used per month. A slow site will always appear to be heavier and therefore prohibitive to be accessed.

Even if your business audience is not mostly C, D, and E, do you know your customers and potential customers enough to say they’ll never access your site from a mobile phone or mobile device?

The smartphone is becoming increasingly the center of people’s lives, who keep their affective memories, communicate, pay bills, solve problems, gamble and, why not, make new accounts, with purchases without leaving the front of the smartphone. appliance.

Know how fast your site opens

The trend of mobile access and traffic is irreversible. When the market takes the direction of change, it is ideal to adapt to new needs so as not to be left out. Even worse, not fitting is the same as not meeting consumer demands. And this is unforgivable!

But Google wouldn’t be that cruel, simply punishing the slower sites. The company that is synonymous with the internet offers a test of web page open speed. Better yet, give tips you can share with your digital agency to make your site faster. Access:

But if your digital agency hasn’t done this work for you yet, it’s time to consider switching agencies…

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