After years of working on your blog to create content and unite your community you feel it is time to evolve and for that, you plan to conquer neighboring markets. Sending executives or representatives abroad to develop international relations or even hiring local distributors are rather expensive initiatives. Influencer marketing, on the other hand, can help you if you want to see your goal succeed.

Why choose influencer marketing?

Prejudices and prejudices having a hard tooth, let us return for a moment to influencer marketing. Behind this notion, do not hide the simple desire to appeal to a renowned influencer who will promote your product. Many names can come to mind when it comes to the term influencer, whether it’s an Instagrammer or a Youtuber. That said, influence marketing goes far beyond these steps: do not contribute to this lever only the one who brings together millions of followers (and again, the question arises whether these are all real ).

Marketers have understood that for a successful influence, it is important to target the right people. Which ones? Contrary to what one might imagine, the answer is not found above. Indeed, there is much more chance that you will find your happiness in a smaller pool. For example, micro-influencers with between 1,000 and 10,000 subscribers will have far more impact than a giant in this world. The reason is simple: they often keep a niche blog, focused on a particular topic, and are often experts or professionals in the field.

Another important detail: they are committed to their community and vice versa. If you choose to turn to them, there is a good chance that your product or service will appeal to the audience and that you will therefore generate traffic.

So influencer marketing can be useful, especially if you have a target audience in mind. This is why it is important not to delude yourself when you mention your name, especially if you want to cross borders. If the strategy works on the spot, it can also work take-out.

Beyond linguistic borders

Overcome language barriers: this is a first step. If all the content on your site is in French, it is certain that you are unlikely to export yourself, whereas if you take the time to translate or have the content of your site translated, it is much more likely that you will reach a wider audience. Focus mainly on your content that has received the most visits, engagements or backlinks with your audience in England, because it is likely that they will perform better abroad.

Please note: do not limit yourself to the English language only! If it is 2e most spoken language in the world (behind Mandarin), some countries show weaknesses in relation to its understanding. Another element to take into account: the particularities of the regions, and they can prove to be numerous. For example, in Belgium, if French is understood, it should not be forgotten that two other languages ​​are also spoken there: Dutch and German. Same case in Switzerland where no less than four languages ​​are spoken by the population (German, French, Italian and Romansh which is the national language).

Also, as soon as you turn to the international, do not forget to take into account the culture of the targeted countries. Indeed, what is valid in England may not be valid in Spain or the United Kingdom. A pun for example understood by all of your audience here may not be understood or even accepted cross-border.

It is therefore essential to adapt and conduct your survey of trends elsewhere. All markets operate differently, with each country having its own stories and references. The values ​​of your community are not the values ​​of other communities.

Think international, aim local!

You don’t have to rush to the most successful influencer across borders. Make sure that your future collaboration is of good quality! For that, prefer an influencer who corresponds to what you do. So take the time to learn about the influencers that fit your niche.

At the same time, learn more about the channels that work best in each country. Did you know Vkontakte or WeChat? One is the social network, equivalent to Facebook, number one in Russia, and the other is a leading messaging application in China. Do not rush to Twitter with the German public because the latter does not frequent the social network very much.

If you are targeting a Latin audience, the most important influencers are likely to sign restrictive partnerships with media agencies. The latter can then take control of their social networks but also of the brands with which they are authorized to work.

These are just a few illustrations, but it highlights the difficulty of conquering the international market if you don’t pay attention to the codes.

Finally, think about the marketing strategy to put in place. Will it be more global or genuinely local? According to Joel Backaler (author of Digital Influence, Unleash the Power of Influencer Marketing to Accelerate Your Global Business), three types of strategy can be implemented:

  • The first is a local strategy with local execution. The local marketing team defines how their local organizations will work with their influencers, before implementing their local action plan.
  • The second consists of a global strategy with local execution. The international marketing team defines the common framework and standards for working with influencers and then the teams from each country independently define their approach to the market.
  • The last consists of a global strategy with a global execution. As with the second strategy, the marketing team defines the framework and standards, however, which are applied consistently across all countries where the program is deployed.

For Backaler, the ideal would be to choose a global-local strategy. But it’s up to you to define which one best suits what you’re looking for. Above all, keep in mind that the influencer with whom you have chosen to collaborate is well aware of the mores, habits and customs of his country. So you have to trust him on the way he will run his campaign because he will be the best able to advise you.

The choice of an international platform

Many countries have developed platforms for influencers to make themselves known on the world stage. This is the case of PATRON, a Japanese platform founded by Atsushi Hisatsumi, himself an influencer in the Land of the Rising Sun.

In England, there are platforms allowing you to get in touch with influencers located abroad. This could be a good starting point indeed, as some of them already work with influential publishers and are a real boon if you want to open up. is positioned as the ideal European platform to start your expansion: present in many sectors on the Spanish, English and recently German and Italian markets, you are spoiled for choice. N ° 1 in the connection between advertisers and publishers, the site has a directory of more than 5,000 publishers of various nationalities. By choosing getfluence, advertisers see their notoriety, their SEO and their traffic grow while publishers see their revenue shares increase.

So, thanks to the platform and a team follow-up, you can ensure an international opening in peace.

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